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What is a Content Bank?

A Content Bank in the Enterprise Portal is a specialized Course that is only used as a storage area for content. It is a repository that can be used to build Questions and Assessments separately from the live Course where they will be ultimately used.

Only the Questions, Assessments, and Rubrics tabs are available in Content Banks. Since they are designed to be a place to store content, the tabs for Students and Sections are not available in a Content Bank.

Content Banks in Migrated Institutions

For customers that have been migrated from the Legacy Portal to Enterprise using the automated Migration Tool, Content Banks will follow a specific structure that mirrors how their folders were organized in Legacy.

The Migration Tool will move all Legacy Folders into Enterprise by converting them to Content Banks while keeping the structure they were organized in.

Since folders are separated by Questions vs Assessments in the Legacy portal, the Migration process creates two new top-level Content Banks named Questions and Exams. These new migrated Content Banks will be placed into the respective sections.

Content Bank Permissions

The permissions needed for Content Banks are the same as Course Admin permissions. When selecting Courses to add to a user’s Course Admin list, you’ll have the option to select Content Banks.

LMS Sync for Content Banks

At this time, syncing Content Banks to an LMS is not available.

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