ExamNow: Login Issues


When you try to log in to ExamNow, you see this error message: "Please confirm your selected institution, username and password are correct."



  • Confirm that you selected the correct institution. Many institutions have similar names. If you need to change the institution, select the Switch Institution button.  If you don't see this button, open an Incognito window or Private browsing tab, and go to apps.examsoft.com to refresh the page and force the browser to allow you to choose a different school. 
  • Confirm that you entered the same credentials that you use to log in to Examplify.
    • The ID might be case sensitive. If you were issued a student ID that contains capital letters, confirm that you are using the ID as issued. 
    • Some institutions' portals accept only the student ID as the username, while others accept the email address. If you're unsure which one is correct for your institution, try logging in with your student ID and then your email address. 
    • Confirm that you can log in to your ExamSoft Portal. If you can't do so, reset your password. Then log into your ExamSoft Portal with your new password. Next, go to apps.examsoft.com and try to log into ExamNow with the same credentials. 


If none of these steps worked, please contact ExamSoft Support.

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