Examplify: Challenge Key (Continuation Code) Messages and Resume Codes

If a Challenge Key or Continuation Code message appears on the screen, you need to ask the proctor for assistance. These messages indicate that something is preventing Examplify from starting or continuing the exam. Typically, these messages appear if an issue is preventing the exam from starting or if the exam was interrupted after it was started.

If this type of message appears:

  1. Discuss the situation with the proctor, and provide the code that is displayed in the error message.
  2. The proctor will determine whether to issue a Resume Code.
  3. When the proctor provides the Resume Code, enter it on your screen.

Note: Certain screens allow you to submit the exam and exit. However, you should only select that option if you have completed the exam. Follow the on-screen instructions, and consult with the proctor as needed.


These types of messages can appear in various situations, as illustrated below.

Note: These examples are from Examplify 2.8.2. The messages on your screen might be somewhat different, depending on the version of Examplify that you are using.

Internet Connection Required

Exams utilizing ping and release require an internet connection at the beginning of the exam. This message is asking you to check your internet connection and try again. If you cannot connect, you'll need to enter a Resume Code to proceed without an internet connection.


Exams utilizing ExamID also require an internet connection, and a user will see this screen on Examplify 2.9 and higher without the option to enter a resume code if there is no internet connection at the start of the exam.


Reboot Time Limit Exceeded

This message indicates that the exam was interrupted for a long period of time and cannot be restarted without a Resume Code. It gives you the option to submit the exam if you have completed it.


Exam Already Taken

The system is indicating that you have already taken the exam. 



Unable to Complete ExamID

ExamID is enabled for this exam, but something is preventing it from progressing.


Unable to Start Monitoring

ExamMonitor is enabled for this exam, but something is preventing it from starting. 


In ExamMonitor-enabled exams, this message appears if an issue occurred after the exam was started. It gives you the option to submit the exam if you have completed it.


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