Canvas: Create Custom Role Permissions for Restricted Token

To generate a restricted token in Canvas, create a custom role with specific permissions and assign it to an ExamSoft admin account. This article shows how to create both and assign the role accordingly.




Create the ExamSoft Admin Account

  1. Select Admin, and select the top-level Canvas account at the institution.


    Note: It cannot be a sub-account.

  2. Select People, and select + People as shown below.


  3. Fill out information for this new user account and click Add User.



Create the Account Role

  1. Within the top-level account, select Permissions, and select the Account Roles tab.


  2. Select Add Role.


  3. When editing the role, assign the following permissions to the role.

    Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 3.50.37 PM.png


Assign the Custom Role to the Admin Account

  1. Within the top-level account, select Settings, and select the Admins tab.


  2. Select +Account Admins.


  3. Select the previously created role from the dropdown menu and enter the email address of the ExamSoft admin user created in step above
  4. Select Continue.


  5. Select OK Looks Good to assign the user to that role.


  6. Log in as the ExamSoft admin service account, and generate the access token to be used for the integration.

    Note: If you are integrating multiple schools within the same Canvas instance, this token should be used for all of them.


Next Steps

The Canvas integration setup article can be found here:

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