Enterprise Portal: Canvas Integration FAQ and Troubleshooting


Q. Do you have any specific Canvas Instance Requirements?
  1. We have no specific version requirements at this time.

Q. We are not comfortable with generating an admin-level access token. Is there a way around this?
  1. We can create a scoped access token. Please inform your ExamSoft point of contact if you are interested in this option. 

Q. Why can’t I see a specific course(s) when I refresh the course list?
  1. The course must have the ID type populated that was selected when configuring the integration (SIS ID, Reference ID, or Course ID). The course must also be published in Canvas in order for it to display in the sync list. If the course was just created, there may also be a delay before it will display.

Q. Will course sections come over with the parent course?
  1. Yes, but like courses, the section must have the ID type populated when configuring the integration (SIS ID, Reference ID, or Course ID).

Q. I was able to sync my course, but I cannot see my exam-taker(s)?
  1. The exam-taker must have the ID type populated that is selected when configuring the integration (SIS ID, Reference ID, Email, or Login ID).  The exam-taker "role" must match the designated role when configuring the integration.  The exam-taker must be activated within the course that is being synced.

Q. The integration is no longer functioning. I cannot verify the URL and Key to sync new courses.
  1. We recommend generating a new access token as the previously generated one may have expired or the account used to generate the token is no longer active.



  • White label error after clicking ‘Generate Keys’
    • An API call is missing from the config within the client’s Dev Key configuration.
      • Copy/paste the entire URL from the White label page and it will tell you which API call is missing. Add it to the Dev Key config and try again.
  • ‘Access denied’ message after authorizing the Developer Key
    • After seeing the message, click BACK in the browser until you see the ExamSoft LMS Settings page. The integration may show as ‘Verified’ but that’s a false positive.
      • Go through the ‘Generate Keys’ process again until you do not see the error. The message usually shows up twice, then the third attempt will redirect you back to ExamSoft correctly.
  • Configure page locked out or ‘greyed out’
    • The integration is not properly verified. Go through the verification process again.
    • Less likely; you may have to navigate away from the LMS Settings page a few times and back to ‘unlock’ it. Fully refreshing the page may also help.

Refreshing Courses:

  • Refresh finishes after 10 seconds, no courses
    • An error occurred while refreshing the courses.
      • Authorize the Developer Key, then try again
  • Refresh runs for 2 hrs and the interface looks like it’s complete, no courses
    • More than likely the refresh is still running in the background. Let it go for a bit more (1-2hrs or more) and keep checking on it. If after 12-24 hrs there aren’t any courses, trigger another refresh.
      • If you attempt this a handful of times and you still don’t see courses, transition to using the ‘Specific Course Refresh Tool’ exclusively for the client.
  • Specific course(s) not showing after refresh completes
    • Courses in Canvas need to be published before we can grab them during the refresh process.
    • Refresh may have had an error and not completed. Retry

Syncing Courses:

  • Course(s) syncs correctly but no students, and no errors
    • Check student role selected in the ‘Configure’ page matches the student roles in the Canvas course(s)
    • Check if the student accounts are in ‘PENDING’ status in the Canvas course(s)
      • ‘PENDING’ accounts will not sync
  • Course enrollments syncing properly but section enrollments are not
    • Go to Developer Key settings in Canvas for the ExamSoft integration, and check the box to ‘Allow Include Parameters’, then Save. Sync again after box is checked
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