Legacy Portal: View a Category Report

After posting and grading an assessment, use this report to evaluate the performance in each category.



  1. Select the Assessments menu.
  2. Select the assessment.
  3. Select the Reporting/Scoring tab, and then select Category Reports.
  4. Select the categories and other options.


    • Checking Category Statistics will include the KR20, Standard Deviation, Mean, Median, Minimum, and Maximum.
    • Checking Category Full Path will show the path to the location of the category.
    • Checking Group by Parent will group categories with the same parent category together when the results are exported to PDF. 
  5. Select which version of the report to run.
    • Summary provides a holistic view.
    • By Exam-Taker provides a view of each individual exam-taker's performance.
  6. Select View Report.


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