Enterprise Portal: Duplicate an Assessment (Linked and Unlinked)

For convenience, you can create a new assessment by duplicating an existing one. You can use the duplicated assessment in this course, or move it to another course.

Tip: This can be a method of copying, moving, or reusing assessments between courses that you are responsible for.

There are two approaches:

  • Unlinked: With this approach, the original assessment can be thought of as a template or starting point for a new assessment.
    • Use this approach when you want to reuse a past assessment in a new course or when you want slightly different versions of an assessment for two sections of a course. 
    • You can modify the duplicate without any restrictions.
  • Linked: With this approach, the duplicate and the original are treated as one assessment for reporting purposes.
    • Use this approach when you need to re-post an assessment to another course or to a subset of students in the original course (as in a make-up exam). 
    • The duplicate has unique settings for posting (password, download date, and so on) but has the same assessment options and questions as the original assessment.
    • When you generate reports, the data is combined, as if the two assessments were one.  
    • If you want to link assessments between different courses, be aware of these requirements:
      • You must be a Course Admin for both courses.
      • You will need at least Assessment Admin permissions for both assessments to run combined reports, adjust scoring, or release results.



  1. Navigate to your course.
  2. Select the assessment that you want to duplicate.
  3. At the top right corner of the screen, select More, and then select Duplicate.


  4. In the pop-up window, read the on-screen information, and then select Linked Assessment or Unlinked Assessment.
  5. (Optional) If you want use this copy of assessment in a different course, enter the name in the Assign to Course box. 


  6. Select Continue.

    The new assessment is created as a draft.


    • For both linked and unlinked assessments, you can change the name of the assessment. Next to the assessment name, select the pencil icon. For example, you might want to remove the word Duplicate (which is added automatically) and enter a descriptive name such as Mid-Term Make-Up Exam.


    • For unlinked assessments only, you can edit the Assessment Options and adjust the list of questions on the Build Assessment tab. Follow the same procedures as for any new assessment. (See: Enterprise Portal: Get Started Creating an Assessment)
    • For linked assessments:
      • On the Assessment Options page, the options are displayed but cannot be changed if you want these assessments to remain linked. Do not enable editing if you want this assessment to remain linked to the original. However, if you decide that you want to convert it to an unlinked assessment instead, you can select the Enable Editing button. From that point on, the new assessment is separate from the original.


      • You can open the LINKED ASSESSMENT menu at the top to see a list of the assessments that are linked and to view the combined report for them.


  7. To finalize the assessment, select the Post Settings tab, and then enter the settings. (For example, customize the dates and Students for this particular exam.)

    Note: For more information, see: Enterprise Portal: Post an Assessment

  8. Select Finalize to post the assessment.
  9. When the confirmation message appears, select Post.

    Note: On the Assessments page, linked assessments are indicated with a clock icon. You can select this icon to see a list of the assessments that are linked to this one.


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