Disable Your Antivirus Software

Antivirus software might cause issues when you install Examplify or start a secure exam. If you experience issues, we recommend that you temporarily disable your antivirus software.

Important: After you complete the installation or the exam, re-enable your antivirus software.  


Best Practices

We recommend the following best practices:  

  • Use a secure private network.  
  • Do not access the internet while your antivirus software is disabled.  
  • Temporarily disable your network connection. However, if you're taking an exam with ExamID enabled, you need an internet connection until the verification process is done. When the Warning! Secure Exam Starting! Message appears, then you can disable your network connection. 



Vendor-Specific Procedures for Your Antivirus Software

If you need help to temporarily disable your antivirus software, go to the product documentation on the vendor's website. 

Here are links to instructions for some of the popular brands.


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