Examplify Accessibility Features

Examplify 3.2 now has various accessible features available.


Screen Readers

Examplify versions 3.2 and higher

During a secure exam, Examplify supports the following screen readers:

  • For Windows users, we support the following:
  • For Mac users, we support the integrated VoiceOver feature.
    • More details about how to enable this can be found here.

Minimum Contrast Ratio

You will notice in Examplify 3.2 and higher, we have significantly updated colors in our application to reflect contrast ratio.


Keyboard Navigation, Focus Indicators, and Logical Order

Examplify has improved and implemented keyboard navigation, which also helped to introduce proper focus indicators and logical order in our application.


Keyboard navigation takes several things into consideration

  1. We always follow the hotkeys from Windows and Mac first. If there is already an accessible hotkey in place, we use the operating system first.
    • For Windows accessible hotkeys, please refer to this article.
    • For Mac accessible hotkeys, please refer to this article.
  2. After the operating system, we follow hotkeys for the specific screen reader you are using.
  3. After these two sets of hotkeys, please refer to this article for Examplify-specific hotkeys.

Examplify uses two main processes to navigate answers when using Keyboard Navigation.

  • Depending on if the answer is considered a list or buttons, we may use the TAB key to navigate answers or the ARROW keys.
  • Additionally, please note that we may use the SPACE BAR or ENTER key to select answers.
    • As you navigate various question types, these will be important to learn how to navigate before you take an exam.
  • It is also important to note that we do not auto-read the question stem.
    • There are features within each screen reader which will activate auto reading of the screen (and subsequently stop auto-read as well).
    • Please refer to your Screen Readers keyboard navigation shortcuts for each individual keyboard shortcut combination.

Accessibility Tips for Exam-Takers

Examplify: Use Keyboard Shortcuts During an Assessment

Accessibility Tips for Exam-Takers

Examplify for iPad: Use a Bluetooth Keyboard During an Assessment

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