Accessibility Tips for Exam-Takers

This information will help you to use various features to improve your exam-taking experience.

Device Settings

iPad Accessibility Features

If your institution enables/allows iPad use, you can enable the iPad's VoiceOver feature, which allows you to single-tap on the screen to have the action or text read aloud. The iPad VoiceOver functions can be used during secure and non-secure exams. See: Enable VoiceOver on Your iPad

Note: iPad is not supported for bar exams. 


Display Optimization

We recommend that all exam-takers adjust their device settings to optimize the display. You can select the settings that you need to see information more easily on the screen. See: Optimize the Display Settings on Your Device


Examplify Options


Adjust the Text Size for Questions and Answer Choices

You can adjust the size of the text for questions and answer choices by using the Tool Kit.


  1. During an exam, select the Tool Kit menu.
  2. Select the Tools tab (at the top).
  3. Drag the slider left or right to change the text size.


Select Your Highlighter Colors

If the highlighter option is enabled for your assessment, you can select the highlighter color that works best for you. See: Highlight Text in a Question or a PDF Attachment (video guide)


Change the Size of a Pop-Up Window

If there is an attachment in a pop-up window, you can adjust the size of the window. Drag on the lower right corner of the pop-up window.

Zoom In or Out of an Attachment

While viewing an attachment, you can zoom in or out by using the + and - buttons on the toolbar.

Zoom in or Out of a Hotspot Image

In a hotspot question, you answer the question by clicking on the image. You can use the zoom controls on the left side of the image to zoom in or out.

  • Drag the slider up to zoom in.
  • Drag the slider down to zoom out.


Adjust the Essay Response Area

There are several ways to adjust the display when you are working on essay questions.

  • General Preferences for Essay Text

You can set the font and text size that you want to use for all essay questions. Make these selections before you start an exam. 

  1. Start Examplify.
  2. Select the Home menu, and then select Preferences.
  3. Select the font that you prefer.


    The options include: Arial, Arial Black, Comic Sans MS, Courier New, Georgia, Impact, OpenDyslexic, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS, and Verdana.

  4. Enter the font size. 
  5. Select Save Preferences.
  • Adjust the Font and Text Size on the Toolbar

While working on an essay question, you can select the font and text size by using the toolbar above the essay response area.

  • Adjust the Size of the Response Area

If the question text is taking up some space above the essay response area, you can drag the resizer upward to partially hide the question while writing. This maximizes the response area, which can be helpful when you are using a larger text size. You can drag the resizer downward whenever you want to see the full text of the question. The resizer is on the top border of the essay response area. 



Use Keyboard Shortcuts

If you prefer to use the keyboard rather than a mouse, many shortcuts are supported. See: Examplify: Use Keyboard Shortcuts During an Assessment

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