Examplify for iPad: Download and Install Examplify


Download and Install the Application

  1. Using the iPad that you'll use for your exam, go to: Examplify on the App Store
  2. Tap Download to download the app.


  3. Tap Open.(Or locate Examplify on your device, and tap to open.)




Authenticate Your Account

  1. Tap the Examplify icon to open Examplify.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Software License Agreement and select I Agree.
  3. Enter your Institution ID, and then tap Next.

    If you don't know the name of your Institution or don't remember your ID/Password, click the Forgot link and then enter the email address associated with your ExamSoft account.

  4. Enter your ID and Password.
  5. Tap Sign In.

    Note: If you will be using this device for multiple schools, see: Examplify: Switch Between Different User Accounts


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