Enterprise Portal: Security Options for Assessments

When creating a Question Bank assessment, you can select a variety of options. This article covers the security options.

Before You Begin

This article concerns the Assessment Options page, which is one part of the multi-part procedure to create a Question Bank assessment. Before using this article, you should have entered the basic information about your assessment and selected the assessment type. For more information, see: Enterprise Portal: Get Started Creating an Assessment


Security Options

These settings determine how Examplify interacts with the exam-taker's when loading the assessment, as well as how the questions and answer choices are displayed within the assessment.


Security Options
  • Secure: Locks down the exam-taker’s computer completely when the assessment begins, allowing access to only Examplify during the exam. They will not be able to access any information stored on their hard drive, nor will they be able to run any programs in the background or access the Internet. If an exam-taker attempts to circumvent the secure assessment by forcefully rebooting the device, the exam will reappear on the screen, and all actions will be logged for review and audit purposes. This is a good option to select for a major exam.
  • Non-Secure: Select this option to allow exam-takers to access information stored on their hard drive, run other programs, and access the Internet during the assessment. This option is a good choice for “open book” exams and formative assignments. You can modify this setting with these additional options:
    • Block Internet: Select this option if you want to allow exam-takers to access files, applications, and programs on their device, prevents them from accessing the internet during the exam. (For comparison, Secure exams always block access to the internet.)
    • Suspend: This option is useful for practice exams and formative assignments. An exam-taker can suspend the exam without completing it and can return to it later. (For comparison, this option is not available for Secure exams.)
      Exams with the Non-Secure and Block Internet enabled (referred to as NSBI exams) are not compatible with iPads.
  • Randomize Question Sequence: Select this option to make the questions appear in random order. In this way, different exam-takers will have a different version of the exam.
  • Randomize Answer Choices: Select this option to present multiple-choice, matching, drag & drop, matrix, or bowtie answer options in random order. This is another way to present different versions of the exam to different exam-takers.
  • Time Limit: Select this option if you want to set a strict time limit for the exam. Then enter the number of minutes. If you select this option, you'll have the option to set a 5-minute alarm in the Options to Enable section.
  • Universal Resume Code: This alphanumeric code was randomly generated and assigned to this assessment. During a secure assessment, if an exam-taker notifies you of technical issues that interrupt their exam, you can provide this code to allow the exam-taker to resume the assessment. 

    Note: This code is displayed on this screen for your use during exam administration and should only be shared with exam-takers if they have technical issues that interrupt their exam.


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