Legacy Portal: Retire an Assessment


Follow this procedure if you’ve posted an assessment and you are ready to permanently retire the assessment.


Note: Retiring an assessment is the same thing as deleting an assessment. After you retire an assessment, it will no longer be available to Exam-Makers or Exam-Takers. 


This action is irrevocable.



  1. Select the Assessments menu.
  2. Select an assessment.
  3. Select the Retire button below the assessment questions.


    • If you hover over the Retire button, you will see a tooltip stating that Retire, “Allows this assessment to be deleted.”


  1. Once you select the Retire button, a message will appear: “This option will permanently retire/delete this assessment. Are you sure you want to continue?” 
    1. If you want to continue with the permanent deletion of the assessment, select OK. Or, select Cancel to return to the Assessment page.


  1. After you’ve selected OK to delete the assessment, you will be returned to the Assessments Home page, and you’ll see a green confirmation message.


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