Legacy Portal: Post a Performance Assessment

Follow this procedure if you've created a Performance Assessment and are ready to make it available to your exam-takers and/or graders. 

Note: If you've created a Question Bank assessment that will be conducted by using Examplify, see: Legacy Portal: Post a Question Bank Assessment


Before You Begin



  1. Select the Assessments menu.
  2. Select Post Assessment.
  3. At the top of the Create Posting pop-up window, enter the required settings: Course and Posting End Date.
  4. (Optional) Change the Posting Name if you want to display a more descriptive title for your graders and/or exam-takers to see.
  5. Decide how to handle Exam-Taker Communications:
    • If you do not want to send emails to the exam-takers about the assessment, select the Suppress Posting Emails checkbox. In this case, your selections in the lower part of the window will affect what is available and/or required in the exam-taker portal, but will not cause any emails to be sent.
    • If you want to send emails to the exam-takers about the assessment, leave the checkbox unchecked. In this case, your selections in the lower part of the pop-up window will cause emails to be sent on the specified dates.

      Note: Emails will be sent only if you select the options in the lower part of the pop-up window.

  6. (Optional) Select any additional options that you want to enable for this posting:
    • Pre-Release Rubric: (Available only if this assessment has rubrics) If you want the exam-takers to have access to the rubric(s) before grading, select this checkbox, and then select the rubric(s) and the release date.
      • Rubric(s): Select the rubric(s) that you want to make available to the exam-takers.
      • Release on: Use the calendar icon to enter the date and time when the selected rubric(s) will become available to the exam-takers.
    • Send Instructions: If you want to provide information to the exam-takers before the performance assessment date, select this checkbox, and then select the file, the date range, and the number of downloads.
      • Select Browse to select a file, and then select Upload. The selected file will be listed in the File Available field.
      • Use the Start and Close calendar icons to enter the date range when the instructions will be available to the exam-takers.
      • If you want to allow exam-takers to download this file more than once, enter the number in the Downloads field, or select Unlimited.
    • Require Answer File: If you want the exam-takers to submit an assignment for grading, select this checkbox, and then enter the deadline and other options.
      • Use the calendar icon to enter the deadline for submissions. Exam-takers will be able to submit assignments after the deadline, but the system will mark these assignments as late.

        Note: If you selected the Send Instructions option and you allowed only 1 download, you'll see an additional option for setting a deadline: Hours after Download. For example, enter 3 if you want to require the file to be uploaded within 3 hours after an exam-taker downloads the instructions.

      • Select the Answer File Type.
        • Link: This option is recommended for online projects and large files such as videos. For example, a video can be uploaded to YouTube, and the exam-taker can provide you the link. (To learn about this process from the exam-taker perspective, see: Copy a YouTube Link to Use in Your Performance Assessment)
        • Artifact: This option is recommended for research papers, essays, photographs, spreadsheets, presentations, and similar types of files. (To learn about assignment uploads from the exam-taker perspective, see: Upload an Assignment for a Performance Assessment)
          • Select Allow Multiple Files if you want students to submit more than one file. 
          • Select Allow Revisions if you want students to be able to revise the documents and upload a new version. 
        • If you want to sent a Due Date Reminder, use the calendar icon to enter the date and time.
  7. Select Save Changes to save your changes and post the assessment. 


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