Legacy Portal: Duplicate or Repost an Assessment

After posting an assessment, you might find that you need to post it again, or you might want to reuse the questions and options for a new assessment. Depending on your goals, you can either repost the assessment or duplicate it.

  • Reposting an assessment: Take this approach when you want to deliver the same assessment for multiple sections of a course, or when you need to post a make-up assessment for an exam-taker.
    • The new posting will have the same Exam ID.
    • You can enter new post settings, such as the assessment password and the start/end dates. You cannot change the questions, scoring options, or other assessment settings.
    • Your reports for this assessment will include all of the data from all of the postings.

    Note: For more information about make-up assessments, see: Legacy Portal: Make-Up Assessments

  • Duplicating an assessment: Take this approach when you want to use the original assessment as the basis for a new and completely separate assessment.
    • The new assessment will have its own Exam ID.
    • As with any assessment, you can add or remove questions and customize the assessment options as well as the post settings.
    • The new assessment will have its own reports. Data from this assessment will not be included in the reports for the original assessment.




Repost an Assessment

  1. Select the Assessments menu.
  2. Select a posted assessment.
  3. Enter the new posting information.


  4. Select Post Assessment (at the bottom of the screen).

    Note: For details about the post settings, see:

    Each reposting will be listed in the Postings section at the bottom of the screen.



Duplicate an Assessment

  1. Select the Assessments menu.
  2. Select the assessment.
  3. Select the Duplicate button (near the middle of the screen).
  4. Enter a new Title to identify this assessment.
  5. (Optional) Edit the questions and other options.

    Note: For details about the various options for new assessments, see: 

  6. Select Save (if you want to keep editing this assessment later) or Post Assessment (if you are ready to deliver it to the exam-takers).
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