Enterprise Portal: Add and Manage Exam-Takers for a Course

Exam-takers need accounts so that they can use Examplify and log in to the exam-taker portal.

Note: This article explains how to manage exam-takers for a particular course. Depending on your permissions, you also might be able to add and manage exam-taker accounts on User Management page. See: Enterprise Portal: Add and Manage Exam-Taker Accounts (User Management)




Go to the Students Tab for a Course

  1. On the My Courses page, select a course. 
    Note: Depending on your permissions, the My Courses page might appear automatically after you log in, or you might need to select a department first.
  2. Select the Students tab.

Note: If you need to see more information on this page, select the Columns icon, and then select the column(s) to add.


Create New User Accounts and Add Them to a Course

Note: If the ExamSoft accounts were previously created or imported for these exam-takers, see: Add Existing Users to a Course.
  1. Select the course and go to the Students tab. 
  2. Select Create Student.
  3. Enter the information:
    • Student ID: This needs to be unique for each exam-taker; the ID is used to log in to the exam-taker portal and the Examplify application.
    • Email address: ExamSoft sends an invitation email to help the exam-taker get started and sends various other emails, including exam upload confirmations and exam reminders.
    • Courses: (Optional) The current course appears here automatically because you already selected it from the My Courses page. If you want to identify other courses for this user, start typing the name of a course, and then select it from the list. Or select Browse All to see a list of all available courses. (On that page, you can scroll or search for courses. Select the plus button for each course to add, and then select Save.)
    • Lab User: When selected, this user can only use a lab device. Leave this option unchecked to allow the use of a personal device.
    • Non-secure: As an accommodation, you can select this option so that any secure exams will be delivered to this exam-taker without the security restrictions.
    • Extra time: As an accommodation, you can select this option so that this exam-taker has extra time during all timed assessments. To specify the amount of extra time to add, use the slider tool or text field to select a percentage from 100 - 400.
    • Time zone: Time zone is important so that exam times display in the student's local time.
  4. Select Create. An invitation will be sent, and the exam-taker will have 30 days to respond.
    Note: Exam-takers must accept the invitation and complete the Examplify registration process in order to be active within the portal and take their exams.


Add Existing Users to a Course

Follow this procedure if you need to add exam-takers who already have ExamSoft accounts.
  1. Select the course and go to the Students tab
  2. Select Add Student.
  3. On the Add Student page, scroll or search for users to add.
    • Select the plus sign for each user that you want to add. A checkmark indicates that this user will be added.
    • To deselect a user, select the checkmark. The plus sign reappears.
  4. After making your selections, select Save (near the top right corner of the page). The selected user(s) will appear on the course page.
Note: When you add existing users to a course, invitations are not sent automatically.

Invite Exam-Takers

  1. Select the course and go to the Students tab. 
  2. Select the checkboxes for each user to invite, or select the checkbox in the header row of the table to select all users.
  3. At the bottom of the page, select Invite.


Delete Exam-Takers from a Course

Note: This procedure deletes the exam-taker(s) from the course, but does not remove the account or the statistics.
  1. Select the course and go to the Students tab
  2. Scroll or search for the exam-takers to delete.
  3. Choose one of these options:
    • If you need to review the account details before deleting the account: Select the pencil icon (on the right side of the row), review the information, and then select Delete (near the top right corner of the user details page).
    • In the list of users, select the check box for one or more accounts, and then select Delete (near the bottom of the page).
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