Enterprise Portal: Send Email to Exam-Takers

You can send email to an individual exam-taker or multiple exam-takers. When sending your email, you can send a copy to yourself for future reference.



  1. Navigate to the exam-takers list for the course or the assessment:
    • Select a course, and then select the Students tab.



    • Select an assessment, and then select the Proctoring tab.


  2. Search or scroll to find the exam-taker(s) that you want to send email to.
    • To send email to an individual: Select the email icon (in the far-right column of the table).
    • To send email to multiple exam-takers: Select the checkbox for each exam-taker to include in the bulk email. Then select the Email button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. In the Send Email pop-up window, write and send the email:
    1. In the To area, verify that you've selected the right exam-takers. 
    2. Keep or remove the Bcc option:
      • If you want to send a copy of this email to yourself: Keep the Bcc option as shown.
      • If you do not want a copy: Select the X to remove the Bcc option.


    3. Enter the Subject and the Message.
    4. Select the Send button (near the top right corner of the screen). 
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