Enterprise Portal: SAML Error Codes

This article describes the SAML error codes that might appear when logging into your SAML-enabled ExamSoft Portal. 

The error codes will appear in the address bar.



Error Code Description
errorcode=1 Cookie not received during authentication

This can be caused if a setting in your browser is blocking certain cookies or if your institution’s login page isn’t sending one back to ExamSoft.
errorcode=3 SAML processing error  

This is a general SAML processing error. It’s not very common but can usually be resolved by attempting to log in again.
errorcode=4 User is in an ‘incorrect state’ on the ExamSoft backend  

This error can be tricky to resolve but usually involves having the authenticating user log in to Examplify first to put the user into the "correct state."
errorcode=5 User is inactive  

This error means that the ExamSoft account for the authenticating user is inactive. Resolve by toggling the user to active in ExamSoft.
errorcode=6 Incorrect or missing External ID  

This error is the most common and means that we cannot match the authenticating user with an existing account in your ExamSoft portal. Specifically, the ExamSoft account for that user either has a missing External ID or is incorrect. Resolve by populating the External ID for that account or correcting the existing value.
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