Enterprise Portal: General LMS Troubleshooting

Sync History Errors/Universal Issues

  • “Failed to update Phoenix services”
    • Simply try syncing again
    • Try removing sections from courses and syncing again
    • Shorten the Course names and IDs on page two
    • Verify there are no special characters in names or IDs
  • “Course ID is already in use”
    • Course ID in the portal matches what is trying to sync. There is no current way to link up these and the manually created course ID and name must be changed
  • “Student email already in use”
    • Student exists in another database with the same email. They can not have two accounts with the same email in two different ExamSoft portals.
  • “A different user already exists with that email”
    • There’s an admin account with the same email
  • “No External ID Present”
    • Make sure an External ID type is selected in the Configure pane. If it is, make sure Do Not Overwrite is unchecked and try sync again. 
  • “The student's student id is duplicated in the sync doc”
    • There are multiple students with the same student ID. Choose a different Student ID type on the ‘Configure’ page then sync again
  • Sync stuck processing for hours?
    • Try triggering a manual sync. If it does not restart then you have to wait for it to finish.
  • Sync does not start after clicking ‘Sync Now’ or ‘Retry Sync’
    • Verify it’s an ExamSoft issue or client issue by attempting to sync on other portals. If you cannot sync anywhere then alert the Integrations team.
  • Course(s) not showing up on “Page 1” after using Import file or Specific Refresh Tool
    • Canvas: Course must be published
    • Filter to ‘Include Expired Courses’
    • Verify the Course ID(s) match the ID type selected within the Configure page
    • Remove any possible text formatting by pasting Course IDs into Notepad, then into the integration

Grade Push

Note: Throwing out questions, or changing the overall points of the exam and pushing to an existing column will cause a score discrepancy between ExamSoft and the LMS. Grade columns are created with max points so If an ExamSoft exam is worth 45 points (after throwing out a question) and a grade column is a max of 50 points, a student who received a 100% in ES will be pushed over to an LMS having a 90%.

Universal Issues:

  • Can see column but some/all grades don’t show up after completing Grade Push process
    • Perform a sync to make sure enrollments are current, then try again
    • Try pushing to same column with different score types
    • Create a new grade column from the ExamSoft interface, then try again (NOTE: This does not work for Moodle)
  • ‘Push Grades’ button not available for assessment
    • The course you’re in is not actively being synced from the client’s LMS


  • Can see column but some/all grades don’t show up after completing Grade Push process
    • If using Auth Token integration, the user whom which the token comes from may not have appropriate permissions to modify the grades
      • Generate new token from Canvas Account Admin


  • Unable to see any grade columns
    • Confirm the following permissions have been granted to our service account within the ‘Grades’ tool for ‘Course Template’ and ‘Course Offering’:
      • Manage Grades
      • Manage Final Grade Properties
      • Manage Items and Categories


  • Unable to see any grade columns 
    • In order to push any grades back to Moodle, an assignment (can ONLY be an assignment) needs to exist in the Moodle course. We treat the assignments as ‘grade columns’.
      • Due to how the Moodle integration is designed, we cannot create new columns from the ExamSoft interface
    • Less likely; if assignments do exist and the columns still don’t show in ExamSoft, there could be a larger issue with that course and we’d have to investigate further
      • Try other courses to see if those work
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