Enterprise Portal: Use the Refresh Specific Courses Tool

Refreshing the course list is an important first step in ensuring that your ExamSoft Portal is in sync with your LMS. With the Refresh Specific Courses tool, you can specify the courses to add to the course list, instead of waiting for your portal to check for all changes in your entire LMS course catalogue. This tool is useful when you're working on your LMS Course Sync List and want to prevent the long delay that occurs when you refresh all courses. It also is a useful alternative if you’ve been experiencing issues when trying to refresh all courses. 



If you go through the refresh procedure multiple times before you run the sync process, you must include all of the courses that you want to refresh, every time

If you’ve already used the Refresh Specific Courses tool to refresh 111, 222, 333, and now you want to add 444 to the list, you cannot simply input 444 into the tool. If you did that, the refresh list would only contain 444. Instead, you need to enter all four courses.



  1. In ExamSoft, go to the LMS configuration settings, and look up the LMS ID type that is used for the Course ID.

    Note: You'll need this information for Step 2. The refresh process will work only if you use the correct type of ID for each course.

    How to look up your LMS configuration settings:

    1. On the Admin menu, select Global Settings.
    2. Select the LMS Settings menu.
    3. On the right side of the page, under Configure LMS, select the Configure button.
    4. Make a note of the ID type that is selected in the Course ID field.

      Example: The following example shows the LMS Configuration Settings for a Canvas integration, and the selected ID type isReference ID


  2. Using the specified ID type, go to your LMS and look up the ID for each course that you want to include in the refresh.

    Example: Continuing our example, we would go to our Canvas LMS and look up the reference ID for each course that we want to include.

  3. In your ExamSoft Portal, select the Admin menu, and then select Global Settings.


  4. Select the LMS Settings menu (at the top).
  5. On the right side of the page, under Courses/Sections, select Edit Sync Settings.


  6. Make sure that the Schedule Daily Course Refresh is not selected. Turning it on could remove all the courses from the sync list, and then they would need to be added back in.


  7. Select Refresh Courses.


  8. In the pop-up window, under Specific Courses, enter a comma-separated list of the IDs for the courses, such as 123, 456, 789.


  9. Verify that your list includes all of the courses that you want to refresh.

    Remember: If you go through the refresh procedure multiple times before you run the sync process, you must include all of the courses that you want to refresh, every time.  Refer to the example at the beginning of this article. 

  10. Select Refresh Selected.



Next Steps

After the refresh process completes, you’ll need to select the courses for the sync, edit the Sync List, and run the sync process. For detailed instructions, go to the "Select the Courses to Sync" section of the "Enterprise Portal: Sync Courses from Your LMS" procedure.

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