Enterprise Portal: LMS Sync Errors

As an Institution Administrator, you may view the bad data from a recent auto or manual sync from the LMS.

Note: You will only be able to view reports from auto or manual sync attempts within the last 30 days.



  1. Log in to your portal.

    Note: You must have Institution Administrator rights in order to view the Sync History.

  2. Select the Admin tab, and select Global Settings from the list.
  3. Navigate to the LMS Settings tab.
  4. Select View History near the bottom of the page.



    • The Sync History will slide out from the right-hand side of the page.
    • This view shows the last 30 days of auto and manual sync attempts from your LMS.
    • The banner at the top of the window displays the most recent sync along with its statistics and failures.
    • Within the banner, you can see when the next sync is scheduled for (if applicable), manually retry the sync using the Retry Sync button, or pull a report of the failures by selecting the respective number.
    • You can't attempt to retry a sync while there is one in progress.
    • Any manual or auto attempt in this list will be time-stamped and will include information such as: the sync method, the status, the total number of successful data points that were synced, and the total number of unsuccessful data points that were attempted.
    • You can select each entry within the grid, and the banner above the list refreshes to display all information and statistics when you select an entry.


  5. Select a blue box within the banner to see a summary of the number of issues. Each issue will have its own CSV error file.
  6. To download the file, select the View Failed Courses or View Failed Sections buttons.


  7. Depending on the status of the sync, the banner above the list displays differently.
    • Unable to sync: This status indicates a complete failure. For example, the database was unable to communicate with the LMS.
    • Completed: The sync is 100% done. A sync may be marked as complete if there are some data points that failed to sync. For example, 100 courses successfully synched from the LMS, but five failed due to validation errors. 


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