View your ExamID and ExamMonitor Usage (Enterprise and Legacy)

As part of using ExamID and ExamMonitor, make sure to monitor usage of the product closely.  ExamID is tracked by licensed users, which is the same way that Examplify is tracked.  ExamMonitor, however, is tracked by the unit.  An exam that users 0-90 minutes (not time limit, but actual usage) consumes one unit.  An exam that has a total exam time (actual time) between 91-180 minutes consumes two units.  The units go up in 90-minute increments.

Please contact your Customer Success manager at ExamSoft if you need to add more units.  The usage application is available within your ExamSoft Portal. 


Required Permissions

  • Enterprise Portal: You must be an Institutional Administrator.
  • Legacy Portal: You must be a Key Administrator.


  1. Navigate to the Usage Summary page:
    • If you have the Enterprise Portal: Select the Admin menu (at the top right), then select Global Settings, and then select the Usage tab.
    • If you have the Legacy Portal: Hover your mouse over the Admin menu (at the top right), and then select Usage.
  2. Under ExamID or ExamMonitor, select View More.


  3. If you are prompted to log in, select your institution, and enter your login credentials.
  4. On the Product Usage page, select the Select Dates box, and then select the date range for the period that you want to view.


    After a short time, the results appear.


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