Resume Code Messages for Reboot Time Limit and "Ping & Release"-Enabled Exams

In various situations during ExamID- and ExamMonitor-enabled exams, Examplify will display a message that requires the exam-taker to get a Resume Code from the proctor in order to continue an exam. 

Examples with Ping and Release-enabled exams include:

  • Reboot Timeout: In this situation, a technical issue interrupts the exam, and the interruption continues past the time that your institution has configured as an acceptable interruption (which allows the exam-taker to resume the exam without obtaining a Resume Code).

  • Ping and Release, exam already taken: In this situation, the interruption occurred after the exam-taker started an assessment with Ping and Release enabled. The error message informs the exam-taker that the system indicates that they have already taken this exam. However, it provides the option to enter a Resume Code to start the exam.

  • Ping and Release, no internet: In this situation, Ping and Release is enabled, but Examplify does not have an internet connection (which is required to start an assessment with Ping and Release enabled). The error message asks the exam-taker to check their internet connection and try again. However, they can bypass Internet validation by obtaining a Resume Code.


In these types of situations, the exam-taker's screen will display a code (called a Continuation Code or a Challenge Key). For examples of the messages that exam-takers see, go to: Examplify: Challenge Key (Continuation Code) Messages and Resume Codes

To allow the exam-taker to bypass the error message and continue/start the exam, go to your ExamSoft Portal to get the Resume Code. You can issue the Universal Resume Code or a Single-Use Code. For how-to information, see: Enterprise Portal: Issue Resume Codes or Legacy Portal: Issue Resume Codes

The exam-taker will then enter the Resume Code on the error screen in Examplify.



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