Exam Integrity: Review the Exam-Taker Details and Submit a Disposition

Use the Exam-Taker Details page to view the images and video from ExamID and ExamMonitor. You also can see any notes or dispositions that were entered by previous reviewers. You can enter notes about your own findings, and you can submit a disposition.


Before You Begin

Open Exam Integrity, and select an exam-taker on the Review Queue page or the Exam-Takers list. For more information, see: Exam Integrity: Review ExamID and ExamMonitor Results



  1. Refer to the information at the top of the page for the exam-taker name and the baseline photo.

    Note: You can use the Prev and Next links in the top right corner of the page to browse through the records for all of the exam-takers, or use the Back to All link to return to the list of exam-takers.


  2. Also at the top of the page, refer to the number of incidents that were detected.
    • 2: Both ExamID and ExamMonitor
    • 1: Either ExamID or ExamMonitor
    • 0: No incidents detected.
  3. Select a tab to view the information from ExamID or ExamMonitor.


    Note: For more information, see: Screen Overview for the ExamID Tab or Screen Overview for the ExamMonitor Tab.

    • Use the ExamID tab to compare the exam-day photo to the baseline photo.
    • Use the ExamMonitor tab to see the results from proctoring and to review the video recording.
  4. Read the information, including any previously entered Notes and the current Disposition.
  5. Add a Note and/or update the Disposition.
    • Select Add Note to enter comments about your investigation. These notes will be visible on both tabs.
    • (ExamID tab only)To enter notes about a specific finding in the information area, select the Leave Notes link on the right side of the page.
    • To enter a Disposition, select an option in the list, and then select Submit.

      Important: If this assessment was enabled for both ExamID and ExamMonitor, enter a disposition on each tab. (You can have different dispositions for ExamID and ExamMonitor.)

      Options include:

      • Pending Review: This status is entered when an incident is detected during proctoring and requires review by someone in your institution.
      • Resolved: Select this option if you have determined that no breach occurred.
      • Escalated for Review: Select this option if you have found evidence of a breach and want someone else at your institution to make a final determination.
      • Confirmed Breach: Select this option if you have made the final determination that a breach occurred.


Screen Overview for the ExamID Tab




  • The image at the top of the page is the baseline photo that was obtained during the mock assessment. ExamID uses that image to validate all future images.  If an exam-taker's baseline image is blurry, incorrect, has poor lighting, or is difficult to see for any reason, please contact ExamSoft support for help in resetting it.
  • Exam-takers are allowed to start an exam after capturing their photo. The verification is expected to take place within minutes after the exam starts. However, the time can be longer during peak usage. 
  • The page displays the images that have been taken by ExamID during this exam-taker's assessments. Note the dates and times of the various images.
  • If ExamID verification failed, a red message appears next to the exam-taker's image (as shown in the above example).
  • If verification failed, be sure to review the photos to determine if a breach occurred or if the incident was due to an issue with lighting, apparel such as head coverings, or other factors.
  • If an exam-taker requests a resume code during an exam, we recommend that you first review the images on the ExamID tab.  You can view previous ExamID images before an assessment begins or before it is uploaded as long as an exam-taker has tried to validate at some point in the past.  


Screen Overview for the ExamMonitor Tab

Select the ExamMonitor tab to view the report from ExamMonitor.


The report includes an Overall assessment, along with sections for each incident type, such as Speaking or Off-Screen Focus. It also includes the Total Incidents, meaning the total issues that were detected by ExamMonitor.


Select Show Exam-Taker and Desktop Video to see the videos that were captured during the exam. Also scroll down to review the Incident Graph and Overall Feedback. You can identify any areas of the video that need close review.

In the video area, you can use the controls to play/pause the video, adjust the volume, adjust the speed, and view full screen.

  • The Exam-Taker Video uses the webcam to capture the exam-taker's face and movements.
  • The Desktop Video uses the device's screen-recording capabilities to capture the exam-taker's on-screen activities.

    Note: If the exam was taken with an iPad, ExamMonitor captures only the exam-taker video. ExamMonitor does not do screen recording on iPads due to space limitations on the iPad.

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