Exam Integrity: Use the Exam-Takers List to Review Incidents

Use these instructions when you want to access the ExamID and ExamMonitor reports for a particular exam-taker.



  1. Log in to your institution's ExamSoft portal.
  2. (Legacy Portal only) If you are using the Legacy Portal, select a folder before continuing.
  3. Select the Exam Integrity tab. 

    Note: If you do not see the Exam Integrity tab, try to open an incognito browser or clear your browser's cache. If that does not work, please check with your Key Administrator or Institutional Administrator to see if you have the right permissions to access these pages. 

  4. Select the Exam-Takers menu (at the top).


    Note: Alternatively, you can use the Assessments menu and the Review Queue to review the results for all exam-takers who took a particular assessment. For how-to instructions, see: Exam Integrity: Review ExamID and ExamMonitor Results

  5. (Optional) In the Search box above the table, enter the exam-taker name or the username. 
  6. When you find the exam-taker that you want to review, select the Exam-Taker Name. This link goes to a list of the assessments that this person has taken with ExamID and ExamMonitor.
  7. Select the Assessment Name to go to the Exam-Taker Details page, where you can review the reports from ExamID and ExamMonitor and submit a disposition. For how-to instructions, go to this article: Exam Integrity: Review the Exam-Taker Details and Submit a Disposition


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