Legacy Portal: Add ExamID and ExamMonitor Permissions to Admin User Accounts

In Legacy Portal, once ExamID and ExamMonitor have been enabled, your Key Administrator (KA) will need to begin to adjust your admin users' rights for posting assessments with ExamID and ExamMonitor and viewing the Exam Integrity reports for those assessments.



  1. Select the Admin menu, and then select Users


  2. Scroll or search to find the user who needs this permission, and then select the pencil icon (in the Actions column).


  3. Under Other Rights, select Enable ExamID for Posting and Enable ExamMonitor for Posting.


    These rights will:

    • Let the user view the Exam Integrity tab at the top of ExamSoft and view any academic integrity breaches for the exam-takers, as long as that same person has permissions to the folder where the exam is located. 
    • Post an assessment using ExamID or ExamMonitor.  It is important to make these users aware that your bank of units is depleted whenever an assessment is posted with ExamMonitor enabled.     

    The Exam Integrity menu now appears in the menu bar (at the top of the screen). 


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