Legacy Portal: Create Admin Users



  1. Select the Admin menu (at the top right), and then select Users.
  2. Select the Add New User button.
  3. Enter the user's information.

    Note: If your organization uses single sign-on (SSO) integration with SAML, the External ID field must be filled in with this individual's ID for SSO (also might be called the "ePPN ID").

  4. Select the Email Credentials checkbox if you want to send the credentials to the user via email.
  5. In the Main Access Rights section, select the rights that the user should have.


    • For administration rights, "full" allows users to create "restricted admins" and access all admin areas of the portal. "Restricted" allows users access to all admin areas of the portal, however does not allow them to create users.
    • For Questions, Rubrics, Assessments, and Categories rights, "full" allows the users access to full rights for all areas of each section. "Restricted" allows you to select which level of rights for which folder the user should have rights to. If you select "restricted", an additional section will appear at the bottom of the screen. Here you can select each level of rights for each folder. For more information on each user-right level, head over to our Legacy Portal: User Rights Breakdown guide.
    • For grader rights, "restricted" will make this user a grader-only account, meaning all other rights will be removed. 
    • Additionally, you can select additional rights in the check boxes under Other Rights to the right of the Main Access Rights
  6. Select Save.

You can find additional information on admin user management by visiting: Legacy Portal: Delete Admin Users


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