Legacy Portal: Import Assessment Numbers

Assessment numbers are an optional feature that provides an additional identification to each exam-taker. The name of this additional ID can be customized for each account. Ask your Customer Success Manager to help you to set up this unique identifier. 

This assessment number will override the Exam-Taker ID in an assessment to provide anonymity when processing and grading an assessment. It is optional to import these Assessment Numbers and will need to be provided separately after your Exam-Taker data has been imported, but before an assessment is posted.

Important: Assessment numbers must be imported before an assessment is posted. If the assessment numbers are imported after the exam-taker has downloaded the assessment, the assessment will not be stamped with the Assessment Number.  



  1. Select the Exam-Takers menu (at the top of the screen). 
  2. Select the Import Exam-Takers button.
  3. Download and review the Sample Assessment Num File.
  4. Create your spreadsheet with columns matching those in the sample file. 
    • ExamTakerID: Enter the student ID as indicated in ExamSoft
    • AssessmentNum: Enter the assessment number you would like associated with the exam-taker. 
  5. Save your file as a Text Tab Delimited File named assessmentnum.txt.
  6. Select Yes to confirm that you want to keep this spreadsheet in text tab delimited format.
  7. Go back to the import data section.
  8. Next to the assessmentnum.txt field, select Browse. Locate your assessmentnum.txt file, and select Upload.

    A green confirmation box appears at the top of the screen. All data is imported in 10 min intervals from the ExamSoft server. When the data is imported, you will be notified with an email confirmation. Review the email notification to ensure that all data was processed.

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