Legacy Portal: Exam-Taker Clean-Up

Prior to a new semester or academic period, you will need to import new exam-takers for the following semester. However, we recommend that you first remove the withdrawn exam-takers and/or recent graduates from your database. Doing so will ensure that the only active accounts in your database are for current exam-takers.

Optionally, you can deactivate your entire database of exam-takers and start fresh. 

By doing some clean-up and then importing a new student list, you are able to restart your new academic period with a fresh list and an accurate number of active exam-taker accounts. 

This clean-up is typically completed at the end of your contract periods. Don't worry, all historical exam data remains intact.



Select the appropriate procedures to take the desired actions.


Find Exam-Taker Groups (or Other Criteria)

You can search for exam-takers by group, by course, or by other criteria. For example, if you have a group called May 2021 grads, you could search for them and deactivate them in June.
  1. Select the Exam Takers menu (at the top of the page).


  2. Select the Advanced Search button.


  3. Enter your search criteria.


  4. Select Search.
  5. Review the information, as needed.
  6. If you are ready to deactivate the exam-taker(s), continue to the next procedure.


Remove Exam Codes (If Applicable)

Important: Certain institutions, such as law schools, use Exam Codes to identify exam-takers without revealing personal information to graders. If an Exam Code was assigned to an exam-taker, andif your institution reuses the same codes periodically, then you should remove the Exam Code before you deactivate an exam-taker record. Then that code can be reused for an active exam-taker. 

  1. Find the exam-taker(s) that you want to deactivate.

    If the Exam Code field is not showing on the Exam-Taker Management page, select the gear icon (on the right side of the table), and then add the Exam Code column. You can then see if Exam Codes have been assigned to the exam-taker(s). (After adding a column, you might need to scroll right to see all of the columns in the table.)


  2. To edit the exam-taker record, select the pencil icon in the Action column.
  3. In the pop-up window, delete the value in the Exam Code field.


  4. Save the record.
  5. Repeat this procedure, as needed, for other exam-takers.
  6. If you are ready to deactivate the exam-taker(s), continue to the next procedure.


Deactivate Exam-Takers

  1. If applicable, make sure that you have removed the Exam Codes from the exam-takers' records before you continue. 
  2. Find the exam-taker(s), and then continue as follows:
    • To deactivate an individual exam-taker: Select the red X button in the Actions column, and then select Yes when the confirmation message appears.
    • To deactivate multiple exam-takers:
      1. Select the checkboxes one by one, or use the checkbox in the header row to select all displayed exam-takers.
      2. Select the Deactivate Selected button at the bottom of the page. (You might need to scroll down to see the button.)
      3. Select Yes when the confirmation message appears.


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