Legacy Portal: Send Reminders and Other Messages

Follow this procedure to send reminders and other types of messages about an assessment. 



  1. Select the Assessments menu. 
  2. Select the folder where the assessment is located.


  3. Select the assessment that you want to send messages about.


  4. Select the Exam-Taker Activity tab (at the top of the page). 
  5. (Optional) Select Advanced Search(near the top of this page), and then enter the following criteria to find exam-takers who have not have not uploaded their answer file.
    • Download Assessment: Yes
    • Uploaded Answer: No 
    • Exam-Taker: Active
  6. For each exam-taker that you want to send a message to, complete these steps:
    1. Select the email icon in the Actions column.


    2. Select an Email Template, or enter a custom message. 


    3. Enter the remaining information as needed (Subject, BCC).
    4. Select Send.
  7. Repeat the above steps as needed to send additional messages.


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