Legacy Portal: Create a Point-Based Performance Assessment

Performance-Based Assessments can include performances, presentations, uploaded assignments, clinical work, and similar assessments that are conducted without Examplify.

Note: This procedure is for assessments that will be graded by assigning a point value. You also can create performance assessments that are graded by using rubrics. See: Legacy Portal: Create a Performance Assessment with Rubrics



  1. Log in to your ExamSoft Portal.
  2. Select the Assessments tab.
  3. Select the Create New Assessment button.
  4. Select the Performance Grading option.
  5. On the left side of the screen, enter the Title, the assessment Type, and the Folder location.
  6. In the Scoring section, select Points.
  7. Enter Max Points for this assessment.
  8. Select Save.


Next Steps

When you're ready to post your assessment, see: Legacy Portal: Post a Performance Assessment


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