Legacy Portal: Create and Preview a Practice Exam

If you are a new exam-maker, you'll find it helpful to learn about the exam-takers' experience in Examplify. By installing the software on your device and taking a practice exam, you'll understand what the exam-takers do and see in Examplify and how the various assessment options affect the exam-taking experience. These insights will help you to create assessments that suit your purposes. They'll also help you to provide support and guidance to your exam-takers on exam day.


Before You Begin

Because you'll need to create the exam that you preview in Examplify, this is an advanced tutorial. Before you begin, complete these activities:




Create the Practice Exam and Initiate the Preview

This section explains how to create a practice exam by importing a sample file that includes a variety of question types. However, you can create your assessment in other ways, if you wish.

  1. Download our sample practice quiz file.
  2. Import the file into your practice folder.

    Note: If you need help with importing, see: Legacy Portal: Import Questions from an LMS or a Question File

  3. Create a new assessment.
  4. Enter a Title, select a Folder, and select the imported questions.
  5. (Optional) If you want to be able to see how exam-level attachments appear in Examplify, add an attachment.
  6. (Optional) If you want to be able to see how question-level attachments appear in Examplify, edit one of the questions (any question will do), add an attachment to it, and then select Save

  7. Select any other options that you want to enable for this practice exam.

    Note: If you need help with Assessment Options, see: Legacy Portal: Create a Question Bank Assessment

  8. Select Save (below the question list).
  9. Select Preview (below the question list).

    A pop-up window appears on the screen, providing more information. The preview exam will be available in Examplify within 15 minutes.


Preview Your Practice Exam in Examplify

  1. If you have not previously installed Examplify, follow these instructions: Examplify for Windows and Mac: Download, Install, and Register Examplify or Examplify for iPad: Download and Install Examplify
  2. If this is your first time using Examplify, become familiar with the exam-taking interface by referring to the following exam-taker resources: 

    Tip: Also share the above resources with your exam-takers before their first exam.

  3. Start Examplify.

    Note: Examplify performs certain checks when you start Examplify and when you attempt to download an exam. If you see messages about Minimum System Requirements, review the on-screen information. Depending on the issues, you might be able to Continue with the exam (although device updates are recommended), or you might see only the Return to Dashboard option (meaning that you cannot use this device without updating it to meet the requirements). For more information, see: Examplify: Update Your Device to Meet Minimum System Requirements

  4. Select Add New Account.
  5. Start typing the name of your institution, and then select it from the list.
  6. Log in with the same email address and password that you use to log in to your institution's ExamSoft Portal.
  7. On the left side of the screen, select the practice exam that you created earlier, and then select Download Exam Preview.
  8. Review the on-screen information to see the assessment details. This is the same information that your exam-takers will see.
  9. Select Start Exam Preview.

    Note: Your exam-takers would first enter the exam password and then start the exam.

  10. Follow the on-screen prompts to start the exam.
  11. Take the exam, and explore the interface. For example, view the attachments, use the Tool Kit, and try different navigation options.
  12. When ready, submit the exam.

    Note: At this point, an exam-taker would wait for the on-screen confirmation that the answer file was submitted. However, since you are only previewing the exam, no answer file is submitted. The dashboard reappears.

  13. Log out and close Examplify.



  • It is highly recommended that you do not use a shared computer (such as in a lab) to use the Preview Exam Mode.
  • If you do not exit properly, students could potentially log into preview mode to review exams.


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