Legacy Portal: Edit an Assessment


  1. Select the Assessments menu.
  2. Select the hyperlink on the name of the assessment that you want to edit.


Editable Fields

Draft Assessments

If the assessment is in Draft status, meaning that it has not been posted, you can edit all fields.

Make the changes, and then select Save (at the bottom of the page). When you are ready to make it available to exam-takers, select Post.

Posted Assessments 

If the assessment is in Approved status, meaning that it has been posted and made available to exam-takers, only certain parameters can be changed. 

Folder: You can change the location where the assessment is stored.

  • If this is a performance assessment, you can add/remove rubrics and adjust the scoring options
  • If this is a question bank assessment, you can review the question list and assessment options. 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to see this section. If you have posted this assessment multiple times, multiple postings will be listed.
  • Unpost: If no exam-takers have downloaded the assessment, you can select the red X to remove this posting. Note that this will not put the assessment back in Draft Status, but the assessment will no longer be available to exam-takers.
  • Edit: To edit the post settings, you can select the pencil icon. Limited changes can be made.
    • For performance assessments, you can edit the posting name, end date, email settings. 
    • For question bank assessments, you can edit the download start/end dates, maximum downloads, and email communication settings.
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