Legacy Portal: Edit Your Grade Scale for an Assessment or Your Future Assessments (Default Grade Scale)

ExamSoft includes a system default grade scale that applies to all assessments at your institution. If you want to use a different grade scale for an assessment, you can edit the grade scale for an individual assessment. Optionally, you can save the changes as your default grade scale for all future assessments that you create. 



  1. Select the Assessments tab.
  2. Select any posted assessment.
  3. Select the Adjust Scoring tab.
  4. Select the Grade Scales sub-tab. 

    The System Default grade scale appears, showing the letter grades from A + to F with the corresponding minimum points (based on the total points possible in the selected assessment) and the percentage.

    If you have previously set up your own default scale, select the My Default button to apply it.

  5. Make changes as needed:
    • To edit the label, points, or percentage for a grade: Select the Pencil icon. Make your changes, and then select Save.
    • To remove a letter grade: Select the red X.
    • To insert a grade level: Select Create Grade Scales . Enter the label and either the percentage or minimum points. Then select Save.
  6. Finalize this process:
    • If you want your changes to apply only to this assessment: No further steps are needed.
    • If you want your changes to be used as the default grade scale for your assessments: Select Set My Default. From now on, whenever you select the My Default button on any assessment, your grade scale will be applied.
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