PrintX: Exam Numbers Workaround

When exam-takers are required to enter their Exam Number upon starting an exam, follow this procedure to ensure that your print job displays the correct exam numbers. 



  1. Import the exam numbers into ExamSoft. See: Legacy Portal: Import Assessment Numbers

    Note: If the option to import exam numbers is not available, please contact your Customer Success Manager. 

  2. In PrintX, select the Manage menu, and then select Synchronize Exam Number List.

    This step is necessary to ensure that the exam numbers are updated before you start the print job.

    Note: If the option to sync exam number list is not available, please contact your Customer Success Manager. 


  3. In the pop-up window, clear the Exam Date & File Name checkbox so that it is not selected.

    Note: If the file name is included, it will display the Student ID. 




Problem: What do I do if the exam-takers will enter Blind ID or Random Exam Numbers before starting the exam?

  • Solution: You need to import the exam numbers after the exam and then sync them in PrintX.

Problem: My exam numbers were imported into the ExamSoft Portal before the exam, but are not showing up in PrintX.

  • Solution: Be sure to sync the exam numbers in PrintX before printing.

Problem: The exam numbers were imported, but then new exam numbers were imported later.

  • Solution: The applicants  need to re-register with Examplify before taking their exam.


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