Legacy Portal: Release the Results of a Performance Assessment

After you finish grading a performance assessment, you can release the results to the exam-takers so that they can see how they performed. This information enables them to monitor their own progress and make adjustments in their learning strategies. You can select the details that you want to include in the report. 



  1. Select the Assessments menu.
  2. Select the Performance Assessment that you want to release.
  3. Select the Reporting/Scoring tab, and then select Release Exam-Taker Results.
  4. If there are multiple postings, select the one that you want to release.
  5. Select the exam-takers to receive the results:
    • To select all exam-takers: Select the checkbox in the header row.
    • To select individual exam-takers: Select the individual checkboxes.
  6. Select Next.
  7. (Optional) Enter a Results Password.

    For example, a professor might want to discuss the assessment during a regularly scheduled class period and announce the password at that time. Exam-takers cannot view the report until the password is provided. 

  8. Complete the Options section.


    Categories: Select the categories to include.

    • If you want to select the categories yourself, select the Select New Categories button.
    • If you want to use the top 25 categories, based on the number of rubric dimensions that were tagged with each category, select the Use the Top 25 Categories button.
    • The results report will include a section for each selected category. It will display the number of questions answered correctly, along with icons representing the exam-taker's performance versus the course average. This way, the exam-takers can see which categories they are mastering and which categories they need to improve upon.


    Scores: Determine whether or not to display scores and how to present them. If the Display checkbox is selected, you can select the other options below it.

    • You can display the score as either a Letter Grade (based on the Grade Scale on the Scoring Options tab), or a Percentage.
    • You also can choose whether or not to display the Points earned, the Scoring Adjustments that were made, and/or the Average Score earned by the class.
    • The scores (if included) will appear at the top of the report.


    Rubric Display Options: Determine which rubric(s) to include and which data to display.

    • First select the checkbox for the rubric (on the left side of the rubric name). Then select the information to include: Dimension Text and/or Overall Comments.
    • If you select Dimension Text, then you also can select one or more options below it.

  9. To release the results, select one of these options:
    • Send Link with Email: Make the results available on the exam-taker’s portal and send the selected exam-takers an email containing a link to the portal. If you select this option, another window will appear, and you can customize the email. For example, you can include the exam-taker login credentials, the results password, and a customized message.
    • Post to Exam-Taker Portal: Make the results available on the the exam-taker’s portal without sending an email.
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