Enterprise Portal: View the Student Category Performance Report

The Student Category Performance Report shows the exam-takers' performance in selected categories across multiple assessments over time. You can set up this report to show this data in one course or across multiple courses.




Generate a Student Category Performance Report

  1. Select the Admin menu (near the top right corner of the page).
  2. Select Advanced Reports
  3. Select Create New Report (near the top right corner of the page).
  4. Select Student Category Performance.


  5. Enter the settings.


    • Enter a descriptive Report Name.
    • You can select the Start/End Dates from the calendar, or type the dates in this format: MM/DD/YYYY
    • In the Department list, you can jump down in the list by typing the first letter of a department name.
    • Select one or more Course(s). You can enter the course names in the box or select Browse All to open a slide-out window.

      In the slide-out window, you can search and browse for courses to include. Select the plus sign to include a course. After making all of your selections, select Save to return to the report settings.


    • Categories: You must select at least one category and sub-category.  First select Add Categories (letter a in the illustration). Then click a blank area of the screen to close the list. Your selections will appear on the screen. Under each category, use the Select Categories button (b) to select the sub-categories to include. Or select the checkbox (b) to include all of the sub-categories. 

      Note: Selecting a category is not enough--you must choose one or more sub-categories.

    • To remove a selected category, select Add Categories, scroll down to the category that you want to remove, and then deselect the checkbox. To remove all selected categories, select Add Categories, scroll down to the bottom of the list, and select Clear Selected Categories. Then click in a blank area of the screen to close the list.
    • You can narrow down the report to include only selected Sections or Student Groups. In the slide-out window, you can search and browse. Select the plus sign for each item to include. After making all of your selections, select Save to return to the report settings.


    • Thresholds: For each selected category, the report will show the performance and will indicate any categories that are At Risk or Need Review. By default, the threshold for those labels is a score of 70 percent. You can specify a higher or lower score under Category At Risk Threshold and Needs Review Threshold. Drag the slider left or right, or enter a number in the box.
  6. Select Generate Report (near the top right corner of the page).

    Note: The button is unavailable until you've entered all required settings.


View a Student Category Performance Report


  • The main page of the report shows the average performance and overall status for each exam-taker. Select the Report icon to view the category performance details for an exam-taker. 


  • In the category details, you can expand or collapse a section by clicking on the section heading. Below the selected category, you'll see details for each sub-category:
    • The number line displays the range of scores from 0-100 percent. This exam-taker's average score for this category is indicated by a green diamond. The average score for all exam-takers is indicated by a yellow diamond.
    • The Status column indicates whether this exam-taker's category average is At Risk (red triangle), Needs Review (yellow circle), or Doing Well (green triangle).
    • In the Assessments column, you can select the number to see a list of the assessments that included this sub-category. For each of those assessments, you can see this exam-taker's score for this category and the average score for this category. If needed, you can select the Questions link to view the question text, this exam-taker's score, and the average score.


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