Enterprise Portal: View the Basic Class Report


  1. Select the assessment.

    Note: After selecting your department and course, select the assessment. You'll be brought to the proctoring" page for the exam.

  2. Select the Reporting/Adjust Scoring tab to open the Class View of the report.
  3. To load the latest information, select the Upload Scores button, near the top right corner of the page.

    Note: If the latest information already is displayed, the button will be unavailable. Any time when newer metrics are available, a message will appear on the screen. 

What Information is Available?

  • Basic Report Statistics: If any exam-takers have uploaded their exams, you can view the basic class report. Included in this report will be the mean, median, high, and low scores (at the top of the report).


    Note: If your institution is participating in the Insights beta, the KR-20 metric will be replaced with Cronbach's Alpha.


  • Question Details: Beneath the statistics, you will see the list of questions, their weight, the percentage of exam-takers who answered this question correctly, the point bi-serial score, and the percentage of lower 27% and upper 27% of exam-takers who answered the question correctly. The point bi-serial score represents the correlation between an exam-taker's performance on an individual question and on the exam as a whole.
    • -1.00: Negative correlation
    • 0: No correlation
    • 1.00: Positive correlation

Notes: If your institution is participating in the Insights beta, the calculation of Point Bi-Serial will use sample standard deviation √(∑(xi - μ)2/(n-1)) instead of a population standard deviation √(∑(xi - μ)2/(n)).

Insights does not calculate the Point Bi-Serial correlation value for questions in a posting where partial credit was awarded to at least one student.


  • Performance Stats and Scoring Adjustments: Select the pencil icon next to each question within this list to show the performance stats and Enterprise Portal: Adjust Questions & Score Assessments.
    • Pt. Biserial turns red when it is less than 0.09.
    • Discrimination index turns red when it is between 0.01 - 0.09 or if it is a negative value (it does not turn red if the value = 0).
    • % Correct turns red when it is less than 60%.
  • View Results for Individual Exam-Takers: Select the View button in the top right corner of the page to change the view from Class to Students

    For more information, see: Enterprise Portal: View the Individual Strengths and Opportunities Report



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