Enterprise Portal: View the Summary Report

The summary report is a faculty end of exam report which shows an overview of performance for both students and category performance. This report will only reflect students that have uploaded their exams. 

Note: To load the latest information, select the Upload Scores button near the top right corner of the page. If the latest information already is displayed, the button will be unavailable. Any time newer metrics are available, a message will appear on the screen.



  1. Select the course and the assessment.
  2. Select the Reporting/Adjust Scoring tab.
  3. Select the Summary view.


    The summary report will appear. It includes the following sections.

    • Assessment Performance: Shows how the exam-takers did on this assessment.


      • Average Score: Calculates the average score for all exam-takers who have taken the assessment.
      • Low Score: Displays the lowest percentage score that was earned for the assessment.
      • High Score: Displays the highest percentage score that was earned for the assessment.
      • Total Student Performance Histogram: Creates a graph that shows the number of students, along with the percentile brackets.
    • Category Performance - Displays how the categories performed across the entire assessment. You can select categories or use the Top 25 categories that were tagged to the most questions.



      After you make a selection, you'll see the results for each selected category. The blue bar represents the range of scores, and the diamond represents the average score.


    • The Questions column indicates the number of questions from that category. You can click the number to view the list of questions. 


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