Legacy Portal: Set Your Grade Preferences

Before you can export grades for the first time, you must set your Grade Export Preferences. These settings will be used for all grade exports.



  1. To open the preferences menu, hover your mouse over the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen, and then select My Preferences.


  2. Select Manually if you want to generate an export file only when you select the Grade Export button on the Assessment page, or select Automatically if you want an export file to be sent whenever you release the results of an assessment.


  3. Review the available columns, and select the Included checkbox for each item that you want to include in the export file.
  4. (Optional) Adjust the organization of the columns by changing the numbers in the Order column.
  5. (Optional) Adjust the column names by editing the text in the Export Column Name fields.
  6. Select Save Preferences.


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