Attachment Types and Requirements

Attachments add another dimension to assessments and questions.


Types of Attachments

  • Exam Level  Attachment: When you create or edit an assessment, you can attach one file on the Assessment Options page. This type of attachment is best used for a resource that the exam takers need to use repeatedly during the assessment (such as a case study, lab values/formulas, or terms/definitions). Exam Takers can access this attachment at any time by using the Exam Controls menu in Examplify.

    For instructions, see:


  • Question Level Attachments and Inline Images: When you create or edit a question, you can attach one or more files. This type of attachment is best used for resources that exam takers need to use to answer a specific question. These attachments can be accessed only when the exam taker is viewing that question. You also can insert images within the question text and the answer choices.

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  • The total size of all attachments and inline images in an assessment cannot exceed 200 MB.
  • Supported file types and file sizes limitations by type:
    • Images:
      • 1920 X 1080 pixels maximum resolution
      • GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG
      • 3 MB maximum
    • PDF: 20 MB maximum
    • RTF: 5 MB maximum
    • Audio:
      • MP4 (audio), MP3
      • 15 MB maximum
    • Video:
      • AVI, MOV, MP4
      • 150 MB maximum


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