Share with your Exam-Takers: Examplify Installation, How-To's, and Other FAQs

To help your exam-takers to learn about the ExamSoft student portal, Examplify, and ExamNow, provide them with the link for Exam-Takers. There, they will find help articles and videos about device setup, installation/uninstallation, exam-taking, and more. The Exam-Taker Help Site also includes a chat feature that allows your exam-takers to chat with ExamSoft Support. To get started, the articles listed here will be especially useful to your exam-takers. (You also might find these articles helpful for your own learning!)


When you or your exam-takers need to learn about Examplify, the ExamSoft Exam-Taker Portal, Exam Now, exam taking, and other aspects of the exam-taker experience, visit Exam-Takers.


Exam-Taker Quick Start Guide

This guide starts with account activation, device setup (including Minimum System Requirements - MSRs), and software installation. It includes links to related articles for topics detailing best practices for exam day, Examplify features, the Examplify video guide, how to take an exam, and information about ExamID and ExamMonitor. It also provides quick instructions for viewing exam results.


Examplify Installation


Minimum System Requirements (MSRs)

Although the Quick Start Guide includes a link to this topic, it is worth mentioning separately. To prevent issues, exam-takers' devices must meet these requirements.

Examplify Video Guide

These short videos provide a peek at the Examplify user interface. Exam-takers can learn about registration, downloading and starting an exam, viewing attachments, setting reminders/alarms, navigating through questions, submitting an exam, and more.

Taking and Submitting an Exam

Several of these topics are included in the Quick Start Guide and video guide, but you can use these links to share the information that is most relevant to your group.

Taking Exams with ExamID and ExamMonitor

If most of your exams use ExamID and ExamMonitor, these articles are essential training for your exam-takers.

Responding to Questions with ExamNow

This article provides easy-to-follow steps about using ExamNow to respond to questions that you display in ExamNow.

Uploading Assignments


Explore Further

To learn even more about the information that is available to exam-takers, feel free to explore Exam-Takers on your own!

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