Enterprise Portal: Tips for Multiple Choice Questions

Note: For an overview of the question-creation process and the various options that are available, see: Enterprise Portal: Basic Steps to Create Questions

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  • To add an image, table, or formula within an answer choice: Use the buttons on the right side of the text box.



    • You can add multiple images. Simply select the camera icon again, and select the next image.
    • An image can be removed the same way that you would remove text from the field. Select the image, and then select the Delete key.
    • For help with the WIRIS formula editor, see: WIRIS Equation and Formulae Editor
  • To indicate the correct answer choice(s): Select the checkmark icon.



    • Exact Answer is the default selection for the scoring options. 


  • To add an answer choice: Select Add answer choice. You might need to scroll down to see this button (below the final answer choice). rtaImage1__2_.png
  • To delete an answer choice: Select the trash can icon, on the right side of the page. rtaImage1__3_.png
  • To control the position of an answer choice: Select the lock icon to force an answer choice to remain in the indicated position even when the assessment is set up to randomize answer choices. This is a good option if you have a "None of the Above" answer choice that needs to be positioned at the end of the list. rtaImage1__4_.png
  • If you selected more than one correct answer choice: Special options appear below the list of choices:
    • Partial Credit: Select this option if you want exam-takers to receive partial credit when they select at least one of the correct choices. When you enable this option, it also restricts the number of answer choices that an exam-taker can select. For example, they will only be able to select two choices when there are two right answers, three choices when there are three right answers, and so on. This restriction prevents the exam-taker from selecting all answer choices in order to receive credit. Exam-takers are not penalized for selecting incorrect answers.
    • +/- Partial Credit: Select this option if you want exam-takers to receive partial credit for correct answers but be penalized for any wrong answers selected. The minimum possible score is 0. 
      • Allow Unlimited Selections: Select this option if you want exam-takers to be able to select up to all of the choices. This option can make the question a little more difficult because they don't know if there's one correct choice or multiple correct choices. If you leave it unchecked, then they will only be able to select 2 choices when there are 2 right answers, 3 choices when there are 3 right answers, and so on. 

Note: This feature is forced off if Partial Credit is enabled. This feature is forced on if +/- scoring is selected; otherwise, an exam-taker could receive credit simply by selecting every answer choice. In both cases, the checkbox is greyed-out so that users may not change the option without changing the scoring type.


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