Enterprise Portal: Tips for True/False Questions

This article helps you to create True/False questions.

Note: For an overview of the question-creation process and the various options that are available, see: Enterprise Portal: Basic Steps to Create Questions


In this guide:


  • To add an image within a question: Use the image button on the question tool bar.


    • You can add multiple images. Simply select the image icon again, and select the next image.
    • An image can be removed the same way that you would remove text from the field. Select the image, and then select the Delete key.
  • To add a table within a question: Use the table button on the question tool bar.Screenshot_2023-02-21_at_1.55.53_PM.png
  • To add a formula within a question: Use the MathType button on the question tool bar.




  • To indicate the correct answer choice: Select the checkmark icon.


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