Enterprise Portal: Tips for Drag-and-Drop Questions

This article helps you to create Drag-and-Drop questions. For example, your question might include a list of possible actions to take when a patient complains of chest pain. The exam-takers would answer the question by dragging statements from the Possible Answers box to the Correct Answers box.


Note: This article is specific to Drag-and-Drop questions. For an overview of the question-creation process and the various options that are available when you create or edit questions, see: Enterprise Portal: Basic Steps to Create Questions


In this guide:


  • When writing your Question stem, include some instructional text to explain the drag-and-drop interaction. For example: Answer this question by dragging the correct statements from the Possible Answers box (on the left) to the Correct Answers box (on the right).


  • The drag-and-drop area is the area below the Question, where you'll see two large boxes. This is similar to the layout that the exam-takers will see when they work on this question in Examplify. The Possible Answers box (on the left) is where you'll list the answer choices. The Correct Answers box (on the right) is where the exam-takers will drag their response(s).


    Tip: If you want the exam-takers to see more descriptive titles above the boxes, you can enter your text in the Section Title boxes. In Examplify, your text will appear instead of the default labels.

  • To add an answer choice: Select Add Answer Choice. Then type your text. You also can insert an image (with the camera icon) or a formula (with the square root icon). You can add up to 26 answer choices.



    • You can add multiple images within an answer choice; however, large images and multiple images are not well suited to this question type.
    • An image can be removed the same way that you would remove text from the field. Select the image, and then select the Delete key.
    • For help with the WIRIS formula editor, see our WIRIS guide
    • If you print an exam that includes a Drag-and-Drop question, each answer choice will be designated with a letter, A-Z. This way, the letter(s) can be used to indicate the correct answer choice(s) on a Scantron form (if applicable).
  • To indicate the correct answer choice(s): Select the checkmark icon. Each selected answer choice will also appear in the Correct Answers box on the right side of the page.


    Note: To deselect an answer choice, select the checkmark icon again. 

  • To delete an answer choice: Select the X icon.
  • Partial credit is available. You can turn it on or off below the answer choice list.
    • Off: The exam-taker will receive credit only if all correct answers have been dragged to the box on the right, and no incorrect answers have been dragged there.


    • On: The exam-taker can receive some credit even if the answer is not completely correct. The exam-taker will receive partial credit for each correct answer that has been dragged to the box on the right. To discourage guessing, the exam-taker also will lose the same amount of points for each incorrect answer that has been dragged there. For example, let's say that there are two correct answer choices. If the exam-taker drags one correct answer into the box (and therefore is half right), the exam-taker will receive half of the points possible for this question. However, if the exam-taker drags one correct answer and one incorrect answer into the box, the half-credit reward and the half-credit penalty cancel each other out, and 0 points will be awarded.


      Note: If you turn on partial credit, make the exam-takers aware that they should not guess because there are penalties for incorrect answers. For example, you might include information in the question text, such as: Answer carefully. Dragging incorrect answers into the box can result in 0 credit for this question.

  • For information about how to perform a manual scoring adjustment, see: Enterprise Portal: Adjust Questions & Scoring Options

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Next Steps

Finish setting up the question, and then select Save (in the top right corner of the page). For information about the Question Tools and other options, see: Enterprise Portal: Basic Steps to Create Questions

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