Enterprise Portal: Tips for Highlight Text Questions

The highlight text feature is usually presented in combination with a case-study, and then, the student will highlight pertinent information about the case in question.


This feature is currently in limited release. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager with any questions.

In this guide:


  1. Create a question, and select Highlight Text.
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    Note: For more information, see: Enterprise Portal: Basic Steps to Create and Edit Questions
  2. Optional: Add Question Title
    • You might find it useful to enter a label that describes this question. If you leave this field blank, ExamSoft will create a title by using the first 60 characters of the Question stem.
  3. Optional: Add Case Study
    Note: For more information, see: Enterprise Portal: How to Create a Case Study or EHR
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  4. Enter the Question with the text you want to appear and include any instructional text to help the exam-takers understand how to complete the highlight text interactions.
    • For example: "The nurse in the emergency department (ED) is caring for a 41-year-old male client. Select to highlight the findings below that would require follow-up."
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  5. Create the potential answer selections for the question by adding curly brackets at the beginning and ending of each potential answer selection. 
      • For example: if you want exam-takers to consider "loss of appetite" as a potential pertinent information, you will type {loss of appetite} in the Answer Text area.
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      • It is important to note that the opening and closing curly brackets must be used for each potential answer selection.

        For example, if a different bracket is used in the answer text, in this case a parenthesis, the answer choice is affected. You will also receive an error warning upon saving that notifies you of the error.
        image (35).png

    If you copied and pasted your text from a document or browser and you receive an error message: try retyping the flagged content, or copy and paste the text into a plain text editor to remove any formatting.

    Then, copy and paste the content from the plain text editor into the question or answer space.

  6. Select the correct answer by clicking the checkmark to the right of each answer option. 
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  7. Click Save; then, add your newly-created question to an assessment.

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