Enterprise Portal: Tips for Fill in the Blank Questions

Note: For an overview of the question-creation process and the various options that are available, see: Enterprise Portal: Basic Steps to Create Questions

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To add a Case Study to a question, select the Add Case Study button. See Enterprise Portal: How to create a Case Study (Electronic Health Record) for more information.


Types of Blanks

Below the question box, there are three buttons, which represent the three types of blanks that you can add. Each type creates a different experience for test taking and answer judging.


In the above example, the admin created a question with three blank spaces that represent the three types of blanks that you can add. Each numbered space in the Question box corresponds to a numbered answer in the Answers section.

  • Text: (Blank number 1 in the example.) This option creates a text box where exam-takers can type freely. In the Answers section, enter the answer(s) that you'll accept as correct. You can select the Add alternative answer to enter additional variations on the answer. In the example, either doctor or physician will be accepted as the correct answer.
  • Drop-Down: (Blank number 2 in the example.) This option creates a drop-down list where exam-takers can select an answer rather than typing. In the Answers section, enter the list options. You can select Add answer choice to add list items, or select the X to delete an item. Indicate which item is correct by selecting the checkmark next to it. In the example, intravenous is the correct choice in the drop-down list.
  • Numeric Range: (Blank number 3 in the example.) This option is similar to the Text option, creating a text box where exam-takers can type freely. The difference between these two types of blanks is in the Answers sections. Use the Minimum Value and Maximum Value boxes to set up a numeric range. Any value within this range will be accepted as a correct answer. In the example, the range is 35 to 37.5



  • To add a blank: In the question, click where you want the blank to go, and then use the buttons below the question to select the type of blank to add.
  • To delete a blank: Select the X on the numbered blank in the Question box, or select the trash can icon on the numbered answer in the Answers section.


  • Apply Partial Credit: If you add multiple blanks in your Question, this option appears in the Answers section. If you select this checkbox and an exam-taker enters a correct answer for only part of the question, partial credit will be awarded. If you deselect this box, exam-takers will receive credit only when they answer all parts correctly.


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