Enterprise Portal: Tips for Hot Spot Questions

This type of question might ask the exam-taker to identify a country on a map or a bone in an X-ray. You'll add an image and define the area that represents the correct answer to the question.

Note: For an overview of the question-creation process and the various options that are available, see: Enterprise Portal: Basic Steps to Create Questions


In this guide:


  • The image can be a JPG, JPEG, PNG, or GIF file.
  • To add the image file: Drag and drop it in the Image area, or select Choose Files. It might take a few seconds to upload the image and display it in the workspace.


  • To remove the image file: Select the Remove Image button in the top right corner of the Image section.


  • To create the hot spot area(s): You need to define the area that represents the correct answer to the question. In Examplify, the exam-taker must place a pin in this area of the image to receive credit for the question. 


    • For a rectangle: Select the rectangle button, and then drag your cursor to define the area.
    • For a polygon (available soon): Select the polygon button, and then click a starting point (such as the top of the area that you want to define). Then click to create short line segments all the way around the area. You can create up to 20 line segments.


      Note: You can define multiple hot spots if more than one area of the image represents a correct answer. For example, imagine an image of a bicycle. If the question is, "Select a wheel," you could add a hot spot over each wheel. An exam-taker could select either wheel, and the answer would be correct. When writing your question, keep in mind that even if you add multiple hot spots, the exam-taker can place only one "pin" on the image.

  • To adjust the size of a hot spot: Drag its corners.
  • To move a hot spot: Position your mouse pointer over it, and then drag the hot spot. 
  • To zoom in or out: Use the zoom controls on the left side of the workspace. Select the plus or minus icon, or drag the slider up or down.


  • To remove a hot spot: Select it, and then select Delete


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