Enterprise Portal: View an Exam-Taker's Exam Snapshot

After an exam-taker uploads an answer file from Examplify, you can view the exam snapshot. It provides detailed, time-stamped information about an exam-taker's actions during the exam. For example, you can see the time when exam was opened and when each question was answered. You can see how and when the exam-taker navigated from question to question. You can see each answer choice and any changes that were made before submitting the exam.


Open the Snapshot

  1. Log in to your institution's ExamSoft portal.
  2. Select the course and the assessment.
  3. Select the Proctoring tab.
  4. To view an exam-taker’s snapshot, select the link in the Uploads column, and then select the snapshot icon.



    Note:  If an exam-taker has submitted multiple exam uploads, please refer to the Enterprise Portal: Manage Multiple Exam Uploads article for more information.


View the Information

The table lists every activity during the exam, from the time when the exam-taker opened the assessment to the time when the assessment ended.

Note: For each question in the assessment, you can see the Question # (as sorted on the exam) and the Question ID (as identified in the Assessment settings).


Certain items in the table are hyperlinks that you can select to see more details.

  • Assessment Started: The time stamp, the user ID, the exam-taker's name, and the assessment ID.
  • Answer choice selected for Multiple Choice or True/False. The text of the selected answer choice.


  • Fill in the blank response(s).  The text that the exam-taker entered.


  • Essay response. The text that the exam-taker entered (without any formatting that might have been applied).


  • Hot spot responses. The pin placement on the image.


  • Resuming an assessment. This indicates that the exam-taker experienced crash, power outage, or other situation that interrupted the exam and that the exam-taker had to enter a resume code to continue the exam.
  • Screenshot of characters entered into an essay, or any large deletion of text.
  • Final snapshot


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