Enterprise Portal: How to Score an Ordering Question

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How to Create an Ordering Question


Scoring an Ordering question

  1. If you use the default All-or-Nothing Scoring, full credit will be given if the exam taker puts ALL Ordering items in their correct order.  ZERO credit will be given if ANY items are not in the correct ordered position.
  2. If you select the Partial Credit option, exam takers will receive credit for any items that are in their correct position, and will receive no credit for the items NOT in their correct position. 

How Partial Credit is Calculated

Below, the exam taker views an Ordering question for the first time.  In this example, the exam taker is asked to order five cities in alphabetical order.


Let’s look at several different scoring results to better understand how partial credit scoring of an Ordering question works.


Example 1:   All items ordered correctly, full credit given.  (5 of 5 points awarded)

Below, the exam taker has ordered all 5 items correctly and will be awarded 5 out of 5, or 100% of available credit. 


Example 2:   Some items ordered correctly, partial credit given. 

Below, the exam taker has ordered the last 3 items correctly.  The first 2 items are incorrectly ordered.  The exam taker will be awarded 3 out of 5, or 60% of available credit. 



Example 3:   NO items ordered correctly, ZERO credit given. 

Below, the exam taker has ordered none of the items correctly.  Notice that 4 of the 5 items ARE in the right sequence, BUT they are NOT in their correct position.  Items will NOT be given partial credit for being in the correct sequence UNLESS they are also in their correct position. 

Said another way, Items 2,3,4,5 must be in positions 2,3,4,5 to get credit.  They cannot be in positions 1,2,3,4 as seen in this screenshot. 0 out of 5 (0%) credit will be awarded. 



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